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Chris Murphy B.Ec (Hons) (Sydney), M.Ec (ANU)

Chris Murphy Chris is one of Australia’s leading economic modellers. He founded the Econtech Pty Ltd modelling practice in 1994, which in 2011 adopted the new trading name of Independent Economics. This followed Chris' successful completion of a 3-year term as Principal of a team of modellers at KPMG (trading as KPMG Econtech). Chris began his career in economic modelling at the Australian Treasury. This was followed by further economic modelling roles at the Office of EPAC, at the Australian National University and as a Director of Access Economics. He is well known for developing the Murphy family of models of the Australian economy, and for his modelling for foreign governments, including the Governments of New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi. Chris is also a respected forecaster of the Australian economy and the construction industry. On the policy front, he was centrally involved in modelling the economic impacts of the introduction of the GST and, more recently, of Australia's key taxes for the Australian Government's Henry Tax Review. Chris is also well known for his modelling the economic impacts of education, migration, industrial relations policies, import tariffs, regulation and other policy areas. He is also a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University.

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