New Contributions

6 June 2024: The 2024-25 Federal Budget: Personal Income Tax Cuts and Fiscal Policy
19 Sep 2023: My Submission to the Independent Review of the JobKeeper Payment
23 May 2023: The 2023-24 Federal Budget: Inflation, Fiscal Policy, Income Tax
22 May 2023: Review of State Government Revenue Forecasting Methods
29 March 2023: Fiscal Policy in the COVID-19 era: final published version
1 May 2022: The Election, Fiscal Policy and an Outbreak of Inflation: AFR article
6 April 2022: The 2022/23 Federal Budget, Fiscal Policy and Inflation
27 March 2022: Fiscal Policy in the COVID-19 era
7 June 2021: The 2021/22 Federal Budget
5 May 2019: Analysis of the 2019/20 Federal Budget
July 2018: Dynamic mini-CGETAX model
May 2018: Australia's company tax system: a poor recipe for a small open economy?
May 2018: Optimal fiscal equalisation and Australia: 2018 update
April 2018: Modelling Australian company tax reforms updated for US reforms
7 December 2017: Economic impact of macro shocks: report to PBO
November 2017: Modelling Australian company tax reforms
October 2017: CGETAX: for modelling tax reform
September 2017: Optimal fiscal equalisation and Australia
March 2017: Review of economic modelling at the Treasury
23 June 2016: Company tax cut: high economic benefit for low budgetary cost
8 June 2016: New Report: Company Tax Cut and Tax System Efficiency
16 May 2016: Modelling of the Company Tax Cut for The Treasury
20 August 2015: Benefits of national economic reform: report to ACOLA
5 March 2015: The Economic Impact of Migration
23 September 2014: Economic impact of macro shocks: report to PBO
20 Sep 2013: Macro policy: insights from our new macro model

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