Chris Murphy B.Ec (Hons) (Sydney), M.Ec (ANU)
Visiting Fellow, ANU

Chris Murphy Over his career, Chris has specialised in economy-wide modelling, covering both macro-econometric models and Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) models. In the field of macro-econometric modelling, he developed the Murphy family of models of the Australian economy, and related models for foreign governments, including the Governments of New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi. These models are used for macro-economic forecasting and policy analysis.

In the field of CGE modelling, he has been a leading modeller of tax reform, notably in a series of projects commissioned by the Australian Treasury and other agencies. This including modelling the economic impacts of the introduction of the GST, Australia's key taxes for the Australian Government's Henry Tax Review, and the proposed cut in the company tax rate from 30 to 25 per cent.

Since 2012, Chris has published research on the principles and Australian practice of fiscal equalisation. This research focusses on the role that fiscal equalisation can play in promoting an efficient national labour market.

Chris has led modelling teams in both the government and private sectors. He began his career in economic modelling at the Australian Treasury. This was followed by further economic modelling roles at the Office of EPAC, at the Australian National University and as a Director of Access Economics. Since leaving Access Economics in 1994, his career has followed the path detailed below.

Econtech Pty Ltd: 1994 to July 2008

Chris founds Econtech Pty Ltd, a boutique economic modelling practice. It produced regular macroeconomic forecasts. It came to particular prominence with its robust modelling of the effects of the introduction of the GST in 2000. It also provided modelling services to the Governments of Singapore and Malaysia.

KPMG Econtech: August 2008 to June 2011

During this 3-year period, Chris helped KPMG establish an economic modelling practice.

Independent Economics: October 2011 to June 2017.

Econtech Pty Ltd adopted the new trading name of Independent Economics. A small modelling team provided services to the Governments of Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Abu Dhabi. During this period, Chris also served as a member of the Queensland Ministerial Commission (2013-1015).

Australian National University: July 2017 to present

Chris stepped down from directing modelling teams to divide his time between model-based research as a Visiting Fellow at the ANU and closely allied consulting for government agencies. His research at ANU focusses on macroeconomic policy and tax policy. His recent consulting clients include the Monetary Authority of Singapore, The Treasury and the Malaysian Ministry of Finance. For the Australia Treasury, he undertook a department-wide review of its economic modelling capabilities (2016-2017) and was modelling adviser (2019-2021) when Treasury developed their new macroeconomic forecasting model known as EMMA.

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